The story of the hummingbird, as narrated by Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, is the inspiration behind Kazana. It is our answer to Dr. Maathai's impassioned plea to do the best we can. Join us in being a hummingbird for Amboseli women. Find out how here —

About the Kazana Hummingbird Bracelet

Kazana hummingbird bracelets are handmade by Maasai women of Amboseli, Kenya, using traditional techniques honed over generations. Small variations in color, design and craftsmanship are part of what makes each piece uniquely special, personal and beautiful.

Each bracelet is made by a Maasai woman who has dreams and aspirations for herself and her family, especially her girls’ education. She is keen on beading each bracelet with utmost attention and care. Her hope is that you will love her work, own it and keep it as a reminder of your solid support for her efforts. Indeed, a friendship bracelet that binds woman to woman.

KAZANA is a Swahili word that has many related meanings including, make a united effort; hold together; work hard; keep at it; and exert energy. This spirit of a united effort is the vision behind KAZANA. 

The hummingbird often symbolizes beauty, agility, optimism, wisdom, love, joy, courage and the celebration of life.

Some interesting facts about Maasai beadwork can be found here.

Black and gold Kazana hummingbird bracelet

Black and gold Kazana hummingbird bracelet

By wearing a Kazana hummingbird bracelet you are making a powerful statement in support of the beadwork of the Maasai women of Amboseli. Your bracelet says that you would like the women to have direct access to the global market so that they can effectively manage their households.

Wear and care

• Each bracelet is made with memory wire to remind you of the woman who made it bead by bead - a lasting symbol of friendship and sisterhood

• The bright and vibrant bracelet colors represent their cultural meanings and the joy and spirit of Maasai women

• The hummingbird charm is a call to action — Kazana invites you to spread the word about the creative works of East African women

• Kazana hummingbird bracelets are best worn in multiples of three - a triad sign of unity among global women

• Gently wind the bracelets on and off your wrist to avoid stretching or reshaping the memory wire

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Murugi atop KICC, Nairobi, Kenya

Murugi atop KICC, Nairobi, Kenya

Meet our founder Murugi. She is dedicated to bettering the world, while celebrating all the wonderment it already holds. Murugi wholeheartedly believes in the power of people, especially women, to create prosperity for all.

w/ Amboseli Women of Enkong'u Narok, Kenya

w/ Amboseli Women of Enkong'u Narok, Kenya